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Tom Ford Lost Cherry – New Favorite Fragrance

Tom Ford Lost Cherry – New Favorite Fragrance Posted on 2021-03-19Leave a comment

I don’t own a lot of fragrances as I pretty much stick to only a couple of different ones for spring/summer and fall/winter. I had recently been looking for a new scent I would wear specifically for spring and, after doing some research and reading a lot of positive reviews, I chose one of the most recent perfume launches from Tom Ford: Lost Cherry. I opted for the travel size spray (10 ml) to start with as it is pricey.

The description of the scent on LookFantastic reads as follows: “Immerse yourself in the intoxicating scent of Lost Cherry from Tom Ford’s opulent Private Blend collection. The fragrance bursts open with sweet and sour notes of Cherry, offset by creamy, nutty hues of Almond. Boasting an eau de parfum concentration, the perfume introduces a floral heart of Rose, Jasmine and Plum before delving into a deep, balsamic dry down of Sandalwood, Cedar and Cinammon.

Top Notes: Sour Cherry, Almond, Liquor.
Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Plum.
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Peru Balsam, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedar, Benzoin, Cinammon.

My favorite types of fragrance are fruity gourmand, musky, even leaning oriental for those I wear in fall/winter.

On me, Lost Cherry really smells like sour cherry. It is not too sweet though thanks to the almond liquor, therefore it is not overpowering. Contrary to some reviews I read, the scent fades throughout the day but still remains on my skin.

I love it, it smells delicious! Very feminine and fruity, but in a sophisticated way. Lost Cherry is my new favorite scent for spring. It is the first Tom Ford fragrance I have tried and now I am contemplating getting Tobacco Vanille, which also comes in a travel size spray.

The price of Lost Cherry varies a lot depending on the size and the travel size is not available from all retailers. In fact, I got mine from LookFantastic and at the time I am publishing this post the travel size is no longer available. Lost Cherry can be bought from the following online retailers:

LookFantastic (travel size was €63)
Sephora Deutschland
Sephora France (travel size is €72)

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