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Rèphr Brushes Review

Rèphr Brushes Review Posted on 2021-05-242 Comments

I placed two orders from the Rèphr ( Concept Store and I own 13 of their brushes at this point, 12 brushes for the eyes and 1 for the face. They are handcrafted in Japan and made with uncut natural hair.

After having used the brushes for a few weeks, I am ready to post a review about them and tell you for which purpose I use each one. First off, I will simply say that they all feel super soft. They are a dream to use, which is crucial especially on and around the delicate eye area.

I will first incorporate the brand’s description of each brush and then I will explain how I use them, in the order of their number, as shown on the picture above.

  • Brush 01
    “A luxurious multi-purpose eyeshadow brush designed for effortless shading and blending. This brush works equally well with powder and cream products and is also capable of spot concealing and detail highlighting.”
    I use it to apply powder eyeshadows allover the lid and sometimes to blend the shadows up into the crease. As this brush is somewhat firm (but soft at the same time), it is also perfect for blending cream eyeshadows.
    Sold individually at $24.00, it is currently available in the Concept store as a trio together with brushes 02 and 03 at the discounted price of $42.00.
  • Brush 02
    “A firm shader brush that’s dense and soft at the same time – optimized for maximum pigment payoff. Works with both powders and creams and is perfect for laying down pigments, quick smokey eyes and delicate work near the lower lashline.”
    My favorite type of brush for packing on powder shadows or pigments on the lid, especially shimmer and metallic ones.
    Sold individually at $24.00, it is currently available in the Concept store as a trio together with brushes 01 and 03 at the discounted price of $42.00.
  • Brush 03
    “A fine-pointed & firm pencil brush that’s unexpectedly soft – designed for detail work near the most delicate areas… enabling you to effortless elevate any eye look with imaginative precision.”
    This is my ideal brush for applying powder shadows, or blending cream shadows or eye pencils along the lower lashline.
    Sold individually at $24.00, it is currently available in the Concept store as a trio together with brushes 01 and 02 at the discounted price of $42.00.
  • Brush 04
    “An ultra soft cheek brush that’s angled to enable extreme versatility. Originally designed for contouring, the 04 has also been calibrated for precision application of blush, highlight and bronzer.”
    The only Rèphr face brush I own so far. I use it to apply hard-pan/ baked blushes to get the maximum pay-off of those harder to pick-up blushes.
    Sold individually at $39.00.
  • Brush 12
    “A high impact smudge brush that’s been meticulously balanced to achieve the optimal density, firmness and softness.”
    As I am fortunate enough that my lids offer quite a lot of space, this brush is ideal for me to smudge in particular cream shadows in the crease and as high as I want them to be.
    Sold individually at $24.00.
  • Brush 13
    “The smallest crease brush in our lineup. This brush offers unparalleled precision, yet unexpectedly fluffy and soft.”
    This is such a unique brush. I don’t own any other like this. I use it for precise placement of powder shadows, either in the outer corner of my eyes, or in the crease.
    Sold individually at $24.00.
  • Brush 14
    “A small crease brush specifically designed for the hooded eye. slightly tapered at the tip, this brush is structured enough to lay down color, yet fluffy enough to blend & diffuse with ease.”
    The smallest crease brush in my collection. I either it use for precise placement of powder shadows into the crease and/ or to blend them out when I don’t want the shadows to be blown out too high up on my lids.
    Sold individually at $24.00.
  • Brush 15
    “A versatile, medium sized crease brush built for impactful pigments and effortless blending.”
    Simply the perfect blending crease brush.
    Sold individually at $24.00.
  • Brush 23
    “Ultra-fine precision with pinpoint accuracy. Brush 23 is the smaller sibling to our flagship 03 pencil brush and pushes the balance between softness and precision to the absolute limit.”
    This the baby version of brush 03. The ideal brush to apply a highlighting powder in the inner corner of my eyes.
    Sold individually at $24.00, it is currently available in the Concept store at the discounted price of $15.00.

The following four eye brushes were new and part of the Crease Bundle I ordered from the Rèphr Concept Store last month. They are no longer available on the website and so there is no brand’s description that I can add here. I am pretty sure these brushes will be back in stock in the future. I love them and I have read and watched so many good reviews.

  • Brush 26
    This one is a bigger version of Brush 03; the bristles are longer. As I have quite large lid space, I don’t use it in my crease (unless I would want to place very precisely an impactful shadow) but to smudge cream shadows or eye pencils along my upper lashline. I can also use it to diffuse color along my lower lashline.
  • Brush 27
    It is slightly narrower than Brush 15 and the bristles are a bit longer. The tip of the brush is also a little less pointy so it has more give for blending out shadows.
  • Brush 28
    Similar to Brush 02, it is moderately narrower and the bristles longer. it is perfect for detailed and impactful placement of either cream or powder eyeshadows on the center of the lid.
  • Brush 29
    This brush is absolutely unique. I have never seen one quite like it before. I use it for placing dark eyeshadows along the upper and lower lashlines. It is so tiny that you can literally push the shadows as close to the lashes as possible. And it is so soft that there is no tugging, no roughness whatsoever.

The quality and the softness of the Rèphr brushes are unreal. The expertise that is put into the design of the brushes makes each of them such an amazingly easy and pleasing makeup tool to use. 

On my wishlist to try: the blush brush 05, the large tapered crease brush 16, and brush 24 as I am very curious to see what foundations I can buff with it. I may also need to get a second one of brushes 02, 12 and 28…

If you are contemplating trying Rèphr brushes, I would recommend to order from their Concept Store whenever brushes are available at a discounted price. Sometimes bundles of several brushes are on offer, which allows to try them out at a more affordable price. Shipping within Europe is made from their warehouse in Austria and is super fast (within one week for each of my two orders). It is free of charge for orders above $50.


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