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Zoeva – Favorite Brand for Synthetic Brushes

Zoeva – Favorite Brand for Synthetic Brushes Posted on 2021-03-21Leave a comment

I have been wanting to share about my favorite brand of synthetic makeup brushes for a very long time, so here it goes. Zoeva is a Germany based company and I have been using their brushes since they first launched, pretty much around ten years ago I would say. 

I bought multiple eye and face makeup sets over the years, sometimes limited edition ones, as they come at good prices considering the number of brushes they contain. I own exactly 57 brushes from Zoeva at this point.

The set shown below was the “Share Your radiance Vault” that Zoeva launched as 12-day Advent calendar for 2020. It was limited edition and so is no longer available, but it contains a number of my most used brushes from the brand and they are all permanent items. And I love the color of this set, which is also why I chose to present this specific one.

Here is the breakdown, from left to the right on the picture:

  • 104 buffer
  • 134 luxe powder fusion
  • 228 luxe crease
  • 142 concealer buffer
  • 231 luxe petit crease
  • 225 luxe eye blender
  • 110 face shape
  • 234 smoky shader
  • 322 brow line
  • 230 luxe pencil
  • 317 wing liner
  • 106 powder

I love them all, but especially the 134 (for powder highlighters), 228, 231, 225 and 234 (for packing on powder eyeshadows), which I own multiples of.

Below are also two other of my most used and multiple Zoeva brushes which were not part of the “Share Your Radiance Vault”:

  • 146 concealer perfector, which I use for under-eye corrector/concealer and cream/liquid highlighters
  • 312 detail liner, it is the perfect brush for applying gel liners for me

I have had some of the Zoeva brushes for almost ten years and the quality remains as good as when I first bought them, despite the daily usage and multiple washes.

If you are looking for high quality and and extensive range of synthetic brushes at affordable prices, I strongly recommend you check Zoeva out. You will not be disappointed.

The brand has a European website as well as a US one, therefore pretty much ships worldwide:

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