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Favorite Candles for Fall and the Holidays

Favorite Candles for Fall and the Holidays Posted on 2020-11-20Leave a comment

Bath and Body Works is an American brand which I discovered during my stays in the US over 20 years ago. Back in Europe, I always hoped to find a way to get the Bath and Body Works candles. And after years of searching, I have finally found a website which carries the brand: Notino!

My favorite Bath and Body Works scents for fall and the Holidays include:
Autumn, Blueberry Maple Pancakes, Maple Cinnamon Pancakes, Praline Pecan & Cream, Pumpkin Pancakes, Tis The Season, Welcome Home.

The seasonal scents generally come back year after year. The patterns of the jars always change and most of them are colorful and gorgeous that I keep them once empty and use them as storage containers for small things (lipsticks, hair ties, used batteries, etc.).

Unfortunately, the stocks are always very limited, so it is better to quickly order the scents that you want as soon as they are available on the website.

I haven’t found another website than Notino that distributes Bath and Body Works candles in Europe. I placed orders for candles multiple times and not a single candle ever arrived damaged. Notino always packages the candles with great care and delivery is extremely fast, even now.

Candle Marron Gourmand

Les Bougies de Charroux
These are handmade candles crafted in a workshop located in a small village in the heart of France. Their website is only in French but international delivery is available.

My favorite Bougies de Charroux scents for fall and the Holidays are:

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