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Wayne Goss The Artist Collection Review

Wayne Goss The Artist Collection Review Posted on 2021-04-25Leave a comment

As already featured on my Instagram (@the_beauty_traveler_) a while ago, I bought the Wayne Goss Artist Collection from Beautylish during their Spring Gift Card Event, back in March. I have been eyeing this set for a long time, watching and reading reviews before I finally decided to take the plunge and get it. The collection contains:

  • The Artist Large (grey squirrel and saikoho goat hair)
  • The Artist Medium (grey squirrel hair)
  • The Artist Small (grey squirrel hair)

The Wayne Goss Artist Collection


I have been using all three brushes for a while and I am now ready to report.
I love the whole collection and have no regrets buying. All three brushes are so soft and feel so gentle on the skin. They don’t tug on the skin whatsoever, which makes using them such an easy and pleasant experience.


  • The Artist Large
    This is the most densely packed and most rounded brush from the bunch. I use it for applying either a touch of powder, in order to mattify very specific areas of my face for example, or to contour in a natural way with a bronzing powder the perimeter of my face.
    The Artist Large allows to pick up just the right amount of product and to apply it in a very natural and gently way, which my dry skin needs. 
The Wayne Goss Artist Large


  • The Artist Medium
    Unlike the Large, the Medium has a pointed, tapered shape. The way I like to use it the most is to apply blushes as it allows me to pick up the right amount of pigment and to build up the intensity without overdoing it. Sometimes I also use it for applying powder highlighters when I am lazy and don’t want to switch brushes after application of the blush.
The Wayne Goss Artist Medium


  • The Artist Small
    The Small brush has the exact same shape as the Medium, but as you figured out, in a smaller size. I was dying to get this brush for ages, which triggered me to consider getting the collection in the first place. Why? Simply because I was looking for the perfect brush, yes p-e-r-f-e-c-t, to apply the slightest dust of powder on top of my under-eye corrector or concealer while avoiding a caking effect. Let me just say the Artist Small has become my holy grail in this respect! My under-eye skin is dry and of course, best would be not to powder at all, but with creamy correctors and concealers I get a bit of creasing (which is normal with hydrating formulas) and I prefer to set them slightly. And the Small brush helps me achieve exactly that, with using specific powders like the Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder (Crystal) or Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (Diffused or Ethereal Light).
The Wayne Goss Artist Small

I already said it, I love the whole collection. All three brushes are so soft and gentle for my skin thanks to the grey squirrel hair. These are the first squirrel hair brushes I own and for sure they feel softer and apply in a more subtle way powders compared to synthetic brushes. All three have become favorites but the number one for me is definitely the Artist Small, for the reasons I explained above.

Yes, the collection represents quite a budget ($175), but each brush is also available individually for purchase. The Wayne Goss brand is exclusively sold on Beautylish. If I would recommend to get only one or two brushes from the Artist Collection, I would choose the Small and then the Medium as I find them more unique than the Large one.

I hope this review is helpful. Feel free to comment or ask me questions in the box below.

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